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Getting Started

Well done for making it here. The site is only a few hours old so forgive any problems. Having a web site / blog is an organic thing – it grows and matures over time.  Give yourself a week to get it all sorted. It takes maybe 30 minutes to […]

A Depressing Video

A Depressing Video

Connectivity – Blog to Discourse

I have installed the Discourse plugin for WordPress which means I can post to Discourse with a blog post. We can now have full integration. This is handy for those who wish to blog and share their post to the Fellows’ Forum. I will test this and see what it […]

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Being Creative

It's time to be creative, unleash the power!



There are millions of images on the web – have a look at wallpapers, you can choose a large image for your site. I have some suggestions here. deviantArt is a great resource. My deviations are here:

Windows have some great wallpapers too, have a search and choose big ones resolution and size. A modern theme will handle it like twenty seventeen. Its worth a hunt to get what you like. It will take a hunt to get what you need. So hunt!

How To Videos

Here we have the videos to get you started. They are not difficult and just watch once then watch again, pausing and doing.

Go here for all your video needs:

How to set up a WordPress blog quickly

Useful Programs

Here you will find a couple of useful programs that are completely free,

  1. Microsoft Expression Design for creating and editing images
  2. 4 Shared Shot for capturing your screen using the PrtScr button`

Useful Programs



Getting your own dot com etc has never been easier:

You can now get a lot of choices for your domain suffix. It includes all these listed. The dot com  is the leader and is what web pages in Google default to.

Dot net and dot org are next.

However there are popular extensions like dot me is very popular. I have as one of my sites. Be aware too that you can write your domain name in capital letters so I can have 

Dot co is also popular and I have because all the main domains had been cybersquatted.

So you have a lot of choices. It is still not so easy to get short names tho I have OK No Problem! A four letter domain is a treasure.

So get your domain here :

Need the video? Its opposite >>>

Up to 60% OFF NEW Hosting + $4.99 on Select Domains with Promo Code Spring2017

Host with HostGator. I have been a customer of HostGator for seven years. Their web servers are very fast, based in Austin Texas very much on the Internet backbone. Their 24/7 online chat cannot be beaten. They use the latest interface cPanel which is very intuitive and easy to use.  They are not expensive and are worth every penny.  They offer all types of domains not just dot com, org and net. You will be able to get your top level domain with no problem. I host 36 top level domains with them. There is no down time. You can get started for as little as $13.95 including domain name for a year and hosting for your first month, its $10 a month after that. All you need is a credit / debit card to get started. You can also use PayPal.



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