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Ageing society & robotics

Robots and pensioners replace dwindling youth | Chatham House Sombre lessons (with some promising possibilities) from Japan on an ageing society. Are there many that we in the UK can immediately start to apply, or at least contemplate? Robots and pensioners replace dwindling youth | Chatham House A greying population finds a silver lining to […]

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There are millions of images on the web – have a look at wallpapers, you can choose a large image for your site. I have some suggestions here. deviantArt is a great resource. My deviations are here:

Windows have some great wallpapers too, have a search and choose big ones resolution and size. A modern theme will handle it like twenty seventeen. Its worth a hunt to get what you like. It will take a hunt to get what you need. So hunt!

How To Videos

Here we have the videos to get you started. They are not difficult and just watch once then watch again, pausing and doing.

Go here for all your video needs:

Useful Programs

Here you will find a couple of useful programs that are completely free,

  1. Microsoft Expression Design for creating and editing images
  2. 4 Shared Shot for capturing your screen using the PrtScr button`


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