Getting Started


Well done for making it here. The site is only a few hours old so forgive any problems. Having a web site / blog is an organic thing – it grows and matures over time.  Give yourself a week to get it all sorted. It takes maybe 30 minutes to an hour to set up a blog and at least a couple if you want to turn it into a web site. But content is king so concentrate on getting your posts up and running. The About page is important so make sure you have this done. As to style that’s up to you. I love the Twenty Seventeen theme it looks great. There are literally millions of images on the ‘net so have a hunt for some stunning images, it makes a world of difference.

I am of the view that everyone should have an address on the Internet. It’s 2017 and we have moved from the Information Age to the Augmented Age where we are connected and interact. We check our bank balances online, shop online, contact our friends and relatives online – therefore its logical to take this to where YOU are online. 

I have  http://PhilipFinlayBryan.com of course so I have me@PhilipFinlayBryan.com as my email address, how cool is that? 

Philip : “My name is Philip and I have OCDR”

crowd: “Hi Philip”

Philip : “I suffer from OCDR , obsessive compulsive domain registration disorder. It has been 15 minutes since I registered my last domain”

crowd: Collective sigh

Philip: ” But I’m getting so good at it. I registered http://TheAugmentedAge.com  and that is sooo cool. Wait till you see the website I’m going to make for it. It will use this one as a model and it will be the superist (love neologisms thanks Trump – slips into a Trump speech) website you have ever seen just you wait, the superist you have ever seen! And its on the Internet too, wow The Augmented Age folks that’s where we are now and we have the domain for at least a year. It will bring in jobs, superist jobs, for everyone on the Internet which I guess if you count the Chinese that’s a lot of people and the domain is ours. Hey I’m augmented already, probably the most  augmented human being on the planet.”

crowd: howls of laughter and the odd bray

So start off with a WordPress blog for free, yourname.wordpress.com or anythingyoulike.wordpress.com and get augmented. You can do it in under an hour with helpful videos all the way. They are all here…..

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