The Augmented Age

Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harar

We are all cyborgs now

Do Robots Have Rights?

The Augmented Book

Robots may well pose an existential threat, but we are lost without them

From the RSA  30th August 2017 Written by: Benedict Dellot Warnings about autonomous weapons must be heeded. But nor should we become paralysed by an unhealthy scepticism of AI and robotics. From tackling climate change to aiding drug discovery to caring for an ageing population, the reality is that our […]

Yes what a domain name, four letters can’t be beat: Here is my first post, have a look: pjfb are my initials : Philip James Finlay Bryan. I am a dot org because I generally don’t do stuff for profit. I am not very good at making money so, at […]


Getting Started

Well done for making it here. The site is only a few hours old so forgive any problems. Having a web site / blog is an organic thing – it grows and matures over time.  Give yourself a week to get it all sorted. It takes maybe 30 minutes to […]

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